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Steel Peak Games

"Pixelmancer Studios delivered on all our pixel-art needs for Knighted in a timely manner, with responsive communication and at reasonable prices. They were always available to listen to our design requests and adjusted any art, after providing quick previews, without hesitation. We're looking forward to working together again in the future."


Blind Harpy Studios​

"Pixelmancer is an absolute pleasure to work with! They took our brief and concept art and created beautiful pixel art assets that seamlessly integrated into our game. Hau, our contact from the studio, is extremely patient and receptive to feedback. Hau has an amazing eye for detail and their perfectionist work ethic means they always deliver artwork that is quite literally pixel-perfect. We couldn’t have imagined creating our first video game without them. The speed and quality in which they produces their game assets makes them an indispensable part of any development team! Whether you are just starting game development and need a patient, guiding hand, or an industry veteran, Pixelmancer Studios will meet your needs and exceed your expectations."

Aaron - Forest Mockup_withanim.gif

YesNinja - Game Developer

"Pixelmancer is wonderful to work with and has more than met our expectations for our game. Firstly, they listen to my ideas and ask clarifying questions in order to get exactly the look, feel and design I wanted. Every single design request has been professionally done, met with a great attitude and delivered quickly. But, what I like most is they offer their own ideas that oftentimes are perfectly aligned with my games aesthetic and world, which shows me they really care about my game. I have had a lot of fun watching my drawings come to life and it is all thanks to Pixelmancer Studio."


Ted Bendixson - Send It! Apps

"I like working with Hau because he disagrees with me. That may sound like a strange thing to say, but the way he disagrees with me provokes thought and often makes me see problems in a different light. He has an imagination that leaves room for unconventional solutions, and I appreciate how it is married with all of the other characteristics one would expect from a talented game artist; beautiful work in the desired style, timeliness, and a sense of how the work will be interpreted during play."


Jake Heart, Executive Producer,
Sanctuary: Enter Magnos

"I love working with Pixelmancer because they dive deep into the work and get to know the project. They ask questions to make sure they are delivering the best possible results. The communication is great and the work is always delivered when I need it"


VulkHylan - Streamer

"From start to finish they were very professional, fast, and had frequent updates to make sure what I was getting was what I wanted. Greatly enjoyed their work."


Vizerdrix - Game Developer

"Very impressed and pleased with every project I've given Hau and team at Pixelmancer Studio. I tend to change style, focus, or vision on the fly sometimes and Hau doesn't skip a beat when I do. Not only is the work done in accordance with the preference, but he also gives his own feedback when a change is given, sometimes even recommending an alternate route that improves the change overall. His focus is always on the quality on the work and not just getting it out. I have had multiple pixel art pieces done by Hau and each one has been done with prompt updates, feedback, and polish. I highly recommend anyone seeking pixel art services, be they a solo indie dev, aspiring pixel artist, or just an individual seeking a commission to reach out to Pixelmancer Studio"


Shivam Seetahal - Early Dark Entertainment

"I'm glad I found SquareAtom. My project benefited from his experience and knowledge. Apart from his high quality, affordable work he provides constructive feedback which improved my designs."


G.M.R.Bellissimo  - Game Developer

"Hau was great! He expertly interpreted my references and suggestions and brought my characters to life. He consistently worked quickly, and he was flexible and responsive whenever I needed something changed."

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